Invoice processing automation for business billing.

Procys is an AI-powered invoice processing tool that helps businesses streamline their billing processes. It provides users with automated processes to extract data from invoices, label each fragment of the document correctly and export the processed data in a structured way. The tool enables users to upload their documents in various formats such as PDF, scan and image from their favorite cloud storage platform, email, web interface or API. It also features a self-learning engine for accurate data extraction and allows users to synchronize with their ERP systems. Procys also provides users with a comprehensive API, Microsoft Business Central, Twinfield, Quickbooks, Zapier and Holded integrations to optimize their workflow. It also offers a free trial and companies such as Globiq, Openprovider, Tweecore, Cbiz, Kr Solutions, Agile, and Smart trust it. The testimonials of these companies prove the effectiveness of the tool.

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Featured on January 14, 2021



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