Helps students prepare for oral exams.

PrepSup is an AI tool that aims to assist students in preparing for oral exams by quizzing them on various subjects. As a user of PrepSup, you can create a new study set and tailor it to your learning needs by selecting the education level, language, and specific subject matter. Additionally, you have the ability to instruct the AI to ask specific questions related to your chosen topic. Once set up, the AI assistant will quiz the student and provide feedback, helping them to feel more confident and prepared for their oral exams. The primary objective of PrepSup is to help students develop their oral exam skills, making the experience less daunting and intimidating. By providing a means to practice and receive feedback in a safe environment, students can prepare more effectively and feel more confident in their ability to perform. The tool is easy to use and does not require any technical expertise, making it accessible to a wide variety of users. Overall, PrepSup is a useful AI tool for students who want to improve their oral exam skills by practicing in a controlled environment. With the aid of the AI assistant and the ability to customize study sets, students can focus on areas that require improvement and gain confidence in their ability to perform during oral exams.

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Featured on March 24, 2023



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