Preppally – Resume AI

Improved resume creation.

The Resume AI tool by Preppally is an AI-powered tool designed to assist users in building effective resumes and improve their writing skills. According to the page description, the tool can help users save time writing their resume, adopt the right frameworks, and stand out to get ghosted less by recruiters. The tool works by filling in the necessary fields with the correct information and submitting the form. The tool then generates a snippet that can be copy-pasted onto the user’s resume. The page also mentions that this tool is a part of Preppally’s larger suite of Career Guidance AI tools which can help users save time in copying, research, and adapting their resumes. The tool’s efficacy was not explicitly stated, and the page recommends using it to support resume creation rather than as a substitute for human input. The page provides information on the tool’s usage and instructions on how to generate an effective experience bullet. Preppally offers various pricing plans that provide different numbers of free credits and additional features, such as creating multiple resumes and taking multiple iterations per job.

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Featured on March 1, 2023



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