Generates personalized fitness plans.

PPLeGPT is an AI tool that generates workout routines in seconds. It functions as a personal fitness assistant and caters to users’ preferences and workout goals. The tool allows users to select their target area by choosing from the options: Push, Pull, or Legs. The selection helps the tool create a personalized routine that focuses on the upper body pushing muscles, the upper body pulling muscles, or the entire lower body. This AI gym-bro was inspired by an individual named @nutlope and redesigned by another individual named @aaronbuildsmeta. PPLeGPT streamlines the workout planning process and saves users’ time by automating the routine creation process. It enables users to focus on their workouts instead of spending time researching workout plans. The tool is suitable for individuals who are looking for guidance with their fitness routines or those who are struggling to find the motivation to create a workout plan. With PPLeGPT, users can expect to receive personalized routines tailored to their fitness level and workout goals.

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Featured on February 2, 2023



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