Poised 2.0

Customized feedback to improve meeting communication.

Poised is a free AI-powered communication coach that provides personalized feedback to help with online meetings. It works on Mac and Windows and is kept secure and private. It provides real-time feedback on words used, filler words, confidence, energy, empathy and more, without anyone else knowing. It also provides detailed analysis of trends over time, so users can track their progress and improve their speaking. It also offers access to a library of content created by speech coaches to provide personalized lessons. Poised integrates with over 800 communication tools, including Zoom, Google Meet, Slack and Microsoft Teams. It also provides alerts and tips to help users improve their speech and create persuasive presentations with clarity. Poised has been praised by professionals for its ease of use and real-time feedback, and is perfect for product managers, executives, founders, interviewers, salespeople, and anyone else wanting to improve their communication skills.

Ai Promptly

Featured on August 22, 2022



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