Synthesizes 3D models from point clouds.

OpenAI’s Point-E is an AI tool for synthesizing 3D models from point clouds. It uses a diffusion algorithm to transform point clouds into 3D models and is designed to create detailed, realistic models. Point-E is available as an open source project on GitHub and is released under the MIT license. It uses a variety of tools and packages, such as GitHub Actions and Codespaces, to automate workflows and create instant development environments. It also features a variety of features, such as code review and issues tracking, to help ensure high quality and efficient code. Point-E also includes a model-card for describing the model used for synthesis and a setup.py for installing the package. To use Point-E, users can clone the repository via HTTPS, GitHub CLI or SVN, and launch GitHub Desktop, Xcode or Visual Studio Code to get started. It can then be used to generate 3D models from complex point clouds, with the output being highly realistic and detailed.

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Featured on December 13, 2022



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