Animation creation and editing without suits.

Plask is a browser-based motion capture and animation tool that uses AI to capture, edit, playback, and share animations. It claims to be easy to use and accessible for motion designers and content creators of all levels of expertise. The tool can extract motion from videos without expensive bodysuits or motion work, and it supports most professional file formats, including GLB, FBX, BVH, and more. Plask also offers excellent integration with other tools, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into users’ workflows, whether they are working solo or collaborating with a team. Plask provides an all-in-one solution combining browser-based motion capture and animation editing capabilities. Along with its easy-to-use interface, it offers professional quality tools to help users express their creativity. Additionally, Plask offers various resources for users to get started, including API, Mobile SDK, documentation, YouTube tutorials, FAQ, and support. Furthermore, Plask caters to schools and offers up to 50% discount, which can be particularly helpful for students or teachers looking to learn and teach animation using an AI-powered tool.

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Featured on November 25, 2022



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