Optimized images for better website performance and SEO.

PixelBin is an AI-powered tool that allows users to easily streamline their digital assets, specifically images, through image transformations and optimisations to improve website performance and SEO. It provides a centralised repository where users can upload and store images in bulk, and then transform and optimize them in real-time. PixelBin also offers a CDN to reduce image load time and delivers optimised images for responsive web and mobile viewing. The tool has custom workflows that allow for better user experience and image uniformity across websites. Additionally, AI-built features help conform to user requests and produce quality results in seconds. PixelBin is built for developers and allows seamless integration using its SDKs, making it easy to integrate with existing tech stacks. One key feature of PixelBin is External Storage, which enables users to use the capabilities of PixelBin, such as file delivery and real-time transformation, without uploading any asset to the PixelBin Storage. PixelBin has a blog that covers various topics, including image SEO tips and benefits, and also provides a playground for users to try the tool for free. With PixelBin, businesses can achieve end-to-end image management goals effortlessly and efficiently.

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Featured on May 9, 2022



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