Sketchpad for creating digital art.

Pinegraph | Magic Sketchpad is an AI art sketchpad that allows users to create beautiful digital art. The app features a drawing canvas that allows users to drag and release shapes to fill with color. The user can also copy their masterpiece to the canvas and publish it to the app. Additionally, users can choose from a variety of options including Amplify, Latent Diffusion, Midjourney, Dall E, Image Gen, Generator, Amplification, AI Art, Dreamlens, AVQGAN, Free__Dimensions, Width, Automatic, Height, Automatic, Prompts and Template Mode, Advanced Configurations, and Editor Configurations. All of these features are designed to make the user experience easier and more enjoyable. With its intuitive design and easy-to-use features, Pinegraph | Magic Sketchpad is the perfect tool for creating beautiful digital art.

Ai Promptly

Featured on June 23, 2022



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