Personal knowledge assistant for productivity.

Personal AI is a revolutionary new technology that allows users to create a digital version of themselves to supplement their existing cognitive abilities. It is designed to help users save time, increase productivity, and recall memories and ideas quickly and easily. Through a messaging-based system, users can ask their AI for the answers they need and the AI will respond accordingly. Personal AI is built on a secure, encrypted blockchain technology that ensures users’ data is always safe and private. It is also customizable, allowing users to teach the AI their preferences and habits to give it a more personal touch. With its AI-powered knowledge engine, users can easily capture, organize, and search their knowledge, and can even generate drafts and highlights from articles they’ve read. Personal AI is the ideal tool for anyone who wants to scale their business impact, automate their mind, or simply save time by having their AI do the work for them.

Ai Promptly

Featured on October 30, 2021



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