Optimized user experiences, improved business results.

Perceptif Insights is an AI-powered software tool that provides real-time process insights for businesses. The tool aims to help businesses achieve operational excellence by simulating and optimizing user experiences and setting priorities for automation. Perceptif Insights works by leveraging data-driven technology to discover underlying business processes and identify customer, supply, demand, and operational related problems. The platform provides users with ready-made templates that incorporate best practices in process improvement, allowing businesses to start fast and incorporate tailored solutions into their workflow. By gaining fact-based insights into operations with pinpoint accuracy, Perceptif Insights allows businesses to prioritize and make changes that result in better business results, improved customer satisfaction, and compliance. The tool’s auto-process discovery eliminates the need for manual mapping in Visio or PowerPoint, and it allows businesses to find the difference between their actual processes and what they think is happening, which can lead to significant business value. Perceptif Insights is trusted by customers, industry analysts, and partners and provides industry and functional solutions that help businesses benchmark against their competitors.

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Featured on November 2, 2022



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