Customized digital assistants sans code for business.

Pathway.AI is an AI-powered digital assistant creation tool that enables businesses to customize their own digital assistants without requiring coding skills. The platform offers features that can revolutionize businesses’ operations and customer interactions. Users can upload their text files and receive insights using an advanced AI-powered language model. Pathway.AI also provides a user-friendly experience for customers interacting with digital assistants. The tool is designed to be customizable, making it suitable for businesses looking for more personalized digital assistant solutions. Through a simple three-step process of dragging and dropping data, fine-tuning the model, and interacting with the digital assistant, businesses can benefit from the platform. The tool is still in development, and it currently only accepts ‘.txt’ files, but it provides a free interactive live demo for users to experience the power of AI-powered digital assistants. It is notable that session data is stored for 500 seconds, and users will need to re-upload after that time. Overall, Pathway.AI is a useful tool for businesses looking for customizable digital assistant solutions without requiring technical expertise.

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Featured on March 23, 2023



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