Opus Pro

Custom-branded live streaming with engagement.

Opus Creative Livestream Studio is a live streaming platform that aims to help content creators build a professional, engaging livestream in just 5 minutes. This platform offers a variety of AI-powered tools that assist users in creating on-screen engagement with their audience. One of the unique features of Opus is its Magic Poll, which allows creators to include a dynamic poll for audience engagement during the live stream. Additionally, Magic Memes automatically generates memes using the presenter’s words to help keep audience members entertained. Video Comment enables the audience to participate in the show by inviting them to join the presenter in the studio and build a deeper connection. The tool also features Emoji Rain, which uses falling emojis to make the show more visually appealing. Opus offers a custom branding experience with its Brand Kit, which allows the user to add their own logo, stickers, and call-to-actions to promote their brand. The user has full customization freedom for overlays and logos. The platform offers full HD streaming (1080p), screen sharing, and local recording. The guest pairing tool enables content creators to collaborate with others during their stream. Additionally, Opus also provides the ability to stream to unlimited destinations and offers in-event promotion across social media platforms. Opus has received praise from users who have reported a significant increase in engagement rates, average views, likes, and comments. The platform is trusted by content creators across industries such as coding, podcast coaching, TV show reviews, etc.

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Featured on December 1, 2022



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