Generated art.

OpenDream is an AI art generation tool that enables users to create unique and personalized images easily. With a simple prompt, users can generate original art within seconds using the power of AI. This tool is accessible online and offers a wide range of customization options to make images stand out. The tool uses A100 graphics processing units (GPUs) for servers, resulting in lightning-quick average generating time. Users can queue up to 20 images and generate up to 3 simultaneously, making it faster than using 6x RTX 3090. OpenDream allows users to construct, improve, refine, alter, and expand upon the created images using one of the four AI models. Users can customize advanced settings to fine-tune the images. OpenDream is useful for students, professionals, artists, or anyone else with no background in graphic design to produce professional-looking results. OpenDream does offer a free plan with certain limitations. It provides 50 credits for users to start, and users can claim up to 24 free credits each day, with maximum 50 credits. However, there are limits to the number of images that can be queued and generated simultaneously, and some settings may be limited. Users who require more credits or features can subscribe to a paid plan. Overall, OpenDream is an efficient and easy-to-use AI tool for generating original art in seconds.

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Featured on March 17, 2023



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