Test ads across channels with centralized iterations.

Omneky is an artificial intelligence-powered tool that provides personalized design solutions for advertising campaigns. It offers an omnichannel creative orchestration platform that generates digital creatives to scale multivariate testing for each advertising platform. The tool’s AI algorithms generate rapid iterations of ads for each customer, boosting the ROI of advertising campaigns through data-driven design and messaging. Omneky’s centralized hub allows users to view all their campaigns and metrics across different platforms, making advertising as easy as clicking approve. The tool also provides a creative management system library where users can organize their digital assets, including brand guidelines, brand assets, and active and historical ads. Omneky uses deep learning to analyze billions of data points to discover the precise language and designs that will drive results. Users can also leverage Omneky’s machine learning capabilities to obtain a more robust understanding of marketing funnel metrics across different advertising platforms. Omneky has been trusted by hundreds of enterprises across all verticals and empowers its customers’ growth through AI-powered creative solutions.

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Featured on July 8, 2020



Create, deploy and monitor ML models on a platform.