Enhanced email communication assistant with ChatGPT.

Microsoft Outlook & OpenAI ChatGPT is an innovative Outlook plugin developed by the German company Gangl that integrates OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology into Microsoft Outlook. The plugin brings ChatGPT’s natural language processing capabilities directly to the user’s inbox, providing several features that aim to revolutionize email communication. Some of the main features of OLXChatGPT include automatic email replies, grammar and spelling checking, and AI-powered pre-wording, translation, and email suggestions.The plugin is easy to install and customize according to individual needs. It aims to save time and effort in communication, providing intelligent and personalized responses tailored to the user’s preferences. The grammar and spelling checker feature ensures that emails are presented in a professional and error-free manner, avoiding typos and unpleasant spelling mistakes. The AI-based ChatGPT technology helps users to achieve more efficient and effective emails that improve productivity and organization.OpenAI is a world-renowned AI research company that aims to develop friendly AI technologies to benefit humanity. ChatGPT is a breakthrough AI model developed by OpenAI that uses NLP to conduct human-like conversations and help users accomplish various tasks. The ChatGPT technology can summarize, generate, and provide human-like answers to complex texts, demonstrating the potential of AI in the field of natural language processing and human-like communication.In summary, Microsoft Outlook & OpenAI ChatGPT is a powerful tool that combines Gangl’s expertise in Microsoft Outlook with OpenAI’s AI research achievements. The tool demonstrates how carefully developed and deployed AI technology can revolutionize email communication and increase productivity.

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Featured on April 1, 2023



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