Tracked personalized mindfulness coaching.

Ogimi is a Chrome extension that provides personalized meditation experiences tailored to your specific needs. The tool offers both AI generated personalized meditations and recorded guided meditations to help you learn the basics of meditation. Ogimi allows you to create your own sessions and offers challenges to help you track your progress and improve your mindfulness. With Ogimi, you can track your streaks and earn points, and even compare your practice to friends and top meditators, making meditation a fun and social experience.Apart from fun and social features, the tool provides a range of benefits such as reducing stress and anxiety, improving focus, emotions, and relationships, and helping you recover faster and sleep better. Ogimi is your personal mindfulness coach that offers custom guided meditations just for you.Owned and operated by Ogimi Labs Inc., the tool is designed to help you make meditation part of your daily routine with personalized features to cater to your needs. Ogimi’s terms and conditions, privacy policy, and copyright notification provide users with peace of mind while using the tool, and the ‘Coaches’ and ‘Invest’ tabs provide additional information regarding coaching and investment options.

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Featured on April 3, 2023



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