Realistic landscapes for pro efficiently created.

The NVIDIA Canvas App is an AI tool that can turn simple brushstrokes into realistic landscape images. It is designed to help speed up the creation of backgrounds for concept exploration, allowing users to spend more time visualizing ideas. The app allows users to paint broad strokes on a canvas, following which the AI generates a realistic landscape image from those brushstrokes. This tool can save time compared to manual image creation and is suitable for artists, designers, and other creative professionals looking for efficient ways to create landscape images. The app uses NVIDIA’s AI technology, which creates detailed and accurate images by analyzing the patterns and shapes of the brushstrokes. The generated images can be further edited and adjusted using the app’s editing tools. NVIDIA Canvas App can be downloaded and used on various devices, including desktop and laptop computers. Overall, this tool offers an efficient way to create realistic landscape images from basic brushstrokes, making it a valuable addition to the toolbox of any creative professional.

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Featured on June 16, 2021



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