Search engine for business data analysis.

Nuclia is an AI-powered search engine that makes it easy to find answers from any data source, including video and audio. It automatically indexes unstructured data from any source, eliminating the need for complex data preparation. Nuclia is effortless to integrate and use, allowing users to search by keywords or natural language. It can be used with desktop apps, web apps, REST APIs, and Chrome extensions. It also offers low-code web components and an open SDK to create custom front-end applications. Nuclia also simplifies data ingestion, allowing users to upload data from any source in any language and almost any format. It can connect and sync with popular productivity apps such as Dropbox and Drive, or with file systems like Amazon S3 and Google Cloud. AI-powered search is also customizable and out-of-the-box, with support for entity detection and 15 out-of-the-box insight detectors. Nuclia also offers a variety of integrations for front-end frameworks and CMS, making it easy to integrate with existing applications.In short, Nuclia offers an end-to-end AI search API that simplifies the process of creating an AI-powered search engine from any data source. It is easy to use and integrate, and provides powerful search capabilities, data ingestion, and integrations for front-end frameworks and CMS.

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Featured on December 26, 2022



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