Assisted story generation subscription.

NovelAI is a monthly subscription service that provides users with AI-assisted authorship, storytelling, virtual companionship, or simply a GPT-powered sandbox for their imagination. Driven by AI, users can construct unique stories, thrilling tales, seductive romances, or just fool around. Anything goes!NovelAI utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to create human-like writing based on user input, enabling anyone, regardless of ability, to produce quality literature. The AI seamlessly adapts to the user’s input, maintaining their perspective and style.The service also enables users to visualize their favorite characters with Image Generation, using powerful AI models to depict characters and moments from their stories. NovelAI can also emulate famous writers, enabling users to experience their style. Additionally, the service features a Lorebook, where users can create and store information about their worlds and characters.NovelAI also offers a Text Adventure Module, which allows users to customize their editor with a Theme Editor, allowing them to freely edit fonts, sizes, and the color scheme at any time. Furthermore, the service offers secure writing, ensuring that only the user can read their stories.Users can also take advantage of AI Modules, which allows them to draw upon specific themes, replicate famous writers, or even train one with their own data. The service keeps up to 2048 tokens of memory, allowing the AI to remember a lot. Additionally, users can tweak the AI’s output with a plethora of options, allowing them to keep things consistent or go a little more random.Finally, users can also import from existing stories and continue their old legacies on NovelAI. The service offers three tiers of subscription, ranging from Paper, Tablet, and Scroll, to Opus, for the enthusiast.

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Featured on May 12, 2021



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