Research data analysis and management.

Notably is an AI-powered research enablement platform that provides an all-in-one solution for researchers from different industries. The platform uses best practices and AI to conduct better, faster, and smarter research. It helps researchers create a research repository that gets smarter the more it is used, enabling them to easily import raw research data such as audio, video, surveys, notes, and whitepapers. One of the highlights of Notably is its video transcription feature that converts video into high-quality transcripts and automatically organizes sources. Notably provides an analysis function that works the way the human brain works – highlighting, tagging, and clustering research data to discover patterns. The AI algorithms also help with automatically analyzing sentiment and suggesting tags, making tagging data consistently across projects easier than ever. Researchers can create and share insights using video and data, which makes it easy for them to bring research to life, motivate, and inspire others. Moreover, Notably offers a search engine feature that helps researchers search across all projects, making it easy to find what they know and don’t know. Notably supports research and analysis across four industries – Clinical, Market, Product, and Academic research. The platform helps identify new opportunities to solve problems with technology, understand patient experience with precision, discover consumer needs and preferences, and find themes and patterns in research to support a central thesis. Overall, Notably is a comprehensive research platform that enables high-quality research and insights in a fraction of the time.

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Featured on December 13, 2022



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