Noise Eraser

Reduced audio noise for pro-grade content.

Noise Eraser is an AI-powered noise reduction tool developed by DeepWave. It enables users to separate human voices and other sounds with just one click, and adjust the voice and noise volume to their liking. The tool is designed with a user-friendly interface and requires minimal time to process audio clips – only one minute for a five-minute video clip. The AI technology is backed by 10,000+ human voice and noise training resources, allowing for an accurate noise reduction effect. Noise Eraser also features an instinctive ratio generation for voice and noise, and a free regular plan for users to take advantage of. The tool requires only three steps to achieve professional noise reduction level: uploading the video clips from your smartphone, allowing the AI in cloud computing to automatically remove noise, and adjusting the voice/noise ratio as desired. Many users have praised Noise Eraser for its reliable noise reduction effect, convenience and quality of audio, as well as its ability to reduce noise of hardware tools. It is a great tool for anyone in need of efficient and convenient audio processing.

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Featured on November 11, 2022



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