Image and video manipulation and generation.

Stable Diffusion’s API is a versatile tool designed to give developers full control over their training process. It allows developers to retrain algorithms on images, videos, and other data, as well as make use of advanced features such as inpainting, upscaling, and editing. Its capabilities include the ability to train models on individuals, products, and other custom data, as well as the ability to generate images from descriptive text. The API can also be used to edit existing images, such as changing a photo of a middle-aged man with short hair wearing armor into a graphite sketch of a young man with short hair wearing armor, or to create entirely new images such as a photo of a superhero on a mountain, a photo of a pig and a cat flying in space, or a photo of eggs in a Japanese garden. Customers have praised the API as a great extension to their platforms, allowing them to use the latest technology in the creative process.

Ai Promptly

Featured on February 6, 2023



Create, deploy and monitor ML models on a platform.