Assisted writing and SEO for marketing copy and blogs.

NeuralText is an AI-powered writing assistant and SEO tool designed to help users quickly and easily generate marketing copy and blog posts. It utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology to streamline the content creation process and save users time. Furthermore, NeuralText also provides users with access to a range of SEOP tools to ensure that their content is optimized for maximum visibility. Additionally, the tool is compliant with GDPR regulations and utilizes cookies to store user consent and other data to ensure that it is compliant with IABV2SETTINGS. Furthermore, NeuralText also integrates with third-party services such as Google Analytics, LinkedIn, and YouTube to track user behaviour and interaction data. This data is used to optimize the website and make advertisements more relevant.

Ai Promptly

Featured on April 20, 2021



Create, deploy and monitor ML models on a platform.