Custom meal suggestions and dining-out recommendations.

Nara is an AI tool that works as a personal nutrition assistant for users. It offers personalized suggestions and recommendations 24/7 through text messages. Users can ask questions related to nutrition and get recipe suggestions, dine-out options, and food delivery recommendations based on their preferences. Nara also offers a 7-day free trial for users to try out the service.The tool provides tailored meal recommendations along with their nutrition facts. It helps users choose the best healthy option from the menu when dining out in a restaurant. When ordering food online, Nara suggests what users should eat according to their meal plan.The tool is backed by Y Combinator, one of the most prominent startup accelerators globally. Nara ensures user privacy and has a licensing policy to maintain transparency. Users can also contact the team through the tool’s contact page.Overall, Nara can be a great tool for those looking to maintain a healthy diet and need guidance based on their preferences and requirements.

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Featured on January 15, 2023



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