Transcribed audio for journalism and professionals.

Good Tape is an AI-based automatic transcription tool designed for journalists and others to create text transcripts from audio recordings, regardless of their language or quality. It offers an easy and efficient way to convert interviews, conversations, and other spoken content into written formats by leveraging speech recognition technology. The platform supports over 90 languages, including English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish, among others. Its Autodetect feature automatically detects the language spoken in the file and transcribes it accordingly. Good Tape can save time and effort for journalists and other professionals who need accurate and reliable transcripts quickly. The platform offers a secure transcription service that encrypts all data and files, ensuring the highest standards of privacy and security. Users can create a free account to transcribe up to 20 minutes of content for a start, and the platform has a maximum limit of much longer transcripts depending on the service package chosen. Good Tape offers a straightforward interface where users can upload files and convert them into written texts within minutes.

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Featured on December 19, 2022



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