My Pitch Deck

Custom pitch deck templates for startups.

MY PITCH DECK is an AI-powered tool that provides custom pitch deck templates for startups. The tool’s AI algorithm creates a 10-slide pitch deck based on a few questions answered by the user. The AI also generates 15 investor questions and 10 tips & tricks to help prepare for the pitch. The template is tailored specifically to the user’s startup, and is delivered in minutes as a PDF. MY PITCH DECK is designed for entrepreneurs and startup founders, and provides a curated overview of the best resources and tools for startups. The tool does not guarantee success or return on investment, but is designed to help save time and get inspired. MY PITCH DECK is based in The Netherlands and is subject to Dutch law. No refunds are available and the tool comes with no warranties.

Ai Promptly

Featured on November 25, 2022



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