Mottle Bot

Creation of chatbots from existing documentation.

Mottle is an AI-powered tool that enables users to create their personalized chatbot by just uploading a .txt file with their existing documentation. The tool uses OpenAI API Key for generating answers to questions in seconds accurately. Mottle requires no coding skills and is easy to use, where users can start with only a few clicks without any complicated installation or hosting requirements. One of the main advantages of Mottle is the ability to debug queries, where users can quickly see which documents were used to generate each answer. Additionally, Mottle’s AI-powered chatbots can also provide useful insights and ideas by answering questions written in everyday language, creating a powerful knowledge bot. Mottle provides a Quickstart Tutorial and detailed documentation for users to learn how to get started, troubleshoot queries and bot-ideas. For some users, the OpenAI charges will apply, so it’s essential to check the pricing before starting with Mottle. Overall, Mottle is an efficient and straightforward AI tool for creating chatbots that require no technical expertise and can extract valuable insights from existing documentation.

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Featured on March 3, 2023



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