Assisted content outlining & style suggestions.

Moonbeam is an AI-powered long-form writing assistant that helps users generate content quickly and easily. It is designed to create content for essays, stories, articles, blogs, and other long-form content. It is equipped with a Wizard that allows users to instantly turn their jumbled notes into an organized outline, and then automatically transform that outline into perfectly written paragraphs. It also features a Custom Style Generator, which allows users to write in the style of famous authors, comedians, and politicians, as well as a “Luna AI” that can be prompted with a single phrase. Finally, Moonbeam provides templates for Technical Guides, Product Updates, Help Desk Articles, How-to Guides, Essays, Blogs, Twitter Threads, Newsletters, Lesson Plans, Discussion Posts, and Personal Stories. Moonbeam Pro unlocks even more features, such as unlimited long-form writing, unlimited social media posts, unlimited Luna AI access, and access to all templates. Moonbeam is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

Ai Promptly

Featured on July 8, 2022



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