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Inspiring wellness audio by experts and celebs.

Mindset by DIVE Studios is a daily self-care and wellness platform that provides exclusive and intimate audio collections from prominent figures, including famous artists and celebrities. Through authentic storytelling and story sharing, Mindset strives to make self-care and wellness easy, accessible, and a priority for people worldwide. The platform features Celebrity Mindsets, Daily Check-In, Daily Reflections, Expert-Led Advice, Daily Quotes, and a Discord Community. Celebrity Mindsets provide listeners with inspiring life lessons and stories from famous faces, while the Daily Check-In feature offers a simple 5-minute routine to make self-care a daily habit. The Daily Reflections feature allows users to share stories and experiences with others who can relate, while Expert-Led Advice provides access to an exclusive library of content created in partnership with mental health professionals and professors. The Daily Quotes feature offers a daily dose of inspiration to motivate and challenge users, and the Discord Community provides a supportive environment to connect with others. Mindset is free to use, with the Introductory and 1st episodes of each Collection being accessible for no charge.

Ai Promptly

Featured on January 25, 2023



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