Automatically summarizes sales and customer calls.

Momentum’s AI Summaries for Every Sales and Customer Call is a tool that automates the process of converting every call into CRM data. Using AI-powered call summaries, field updates and tasks, Momentum captures the most important information from every call and syncs it to Salesforce automatically. The tool allows sales managers to save time by reviewing every call in a matter of seconds, and it helps identify potential risks by highlighting key insights tailored to sales and customer success teams.The tool is designed to work seamlessly with other tools such as Slack and Asana, allowing users to connect tasks and next steps to other tools they use. Momentum is powered by open AI, which brings instant visibility and actionable insights to all calls. Its smart connectivity features help users keep Salesforce updated with data insights that suggest CRM suggestions based on call details.The tool is highly recommended by users, including senior directors of revenue operations and heads of GTM operations, who have praised the accuracy of the call summaries and the insights provided by the tool. Overall, AI Summaries for Every Sales and Customer Call is a powerful tool that helps sales teams keep track of call data, identify risks, and save time.

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Featured on March 1, 2023



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