Generation of e-commerce product photos.

Mokker AI is an AI-powered photo generation tool specifically designed for e-commerce pricing. By inputting 2-3 photos of a product, Mokker AI can generate hundreds of photos of the product in different settings. The user can choose from over 50 styles, such as furniture and FMCG, and for each style, 10 images will be created in that style. After the photos are generated, users can download them from the product dashboard. The AI-powered photo generation process is simple, fast and efficient, allowing users to generate high-quality product photos for e-commerce pricing purposes. The tool also offers a free trial and a refund policy for users who are unsatisfied with the results. Mokker AI is an ideal option for businesses looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to generate product photos for their e-commerce pricing needs.

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Featured on December 28, 2022



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