Minerva AI

Assisted academic research and studying.

Minerva by AcademicID is an AI-powered virtual research assistant for academics, researchers, and students. The tool uses the latest advancements in machine learning and natural language processing to provide insightful and accurate responses to a wide range of queries and prompts. Upon receiving a request, Minerva conducts a literature review of over 200 million academic papers, ensuring that all responses are easily verifiable and up-to-date. This is made possible by Minerva’s access to the latest research papers, unlike other artificial intelligence chatbots and assistants. Additionally, Minerva is available as a browser extension, enabling users to access its smart tools anywhere. AcademicID also provides a range of advanced data analytics and other tools for academia and industry. The tool is free to test out, and users can sign up on the AcademicID website. Overall, Minerva serves as a personal research assistant, enabling users to get hours of research done in seconds.

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Featured on February 26, 2023



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