Managed family chaos through SMS copilot.

Milo is an AI-powered SMS copilot tool designed to help parents manage and organize the daily details of family life in a reliable, affordable, and personalized way. The service integrates with various platforms such as family calendars, spreadsheets, and whiteboards to ingest information from texts, voice, images and other formats. With Milo, parents can simply text in any chaos or reminders, including school events, activities schedules, to-dos, bday party invites, doctor/dentist appointments, garbage/recycling reminders, etc. and the tool will summarize and categorize the information before sending it back as work cal invites or SMS reminders, making it easy for everyone in the family to stay on top of things. The tool has been in beta testing for three months, and through a combination of human empathy, software efficiency, and AI personalization (built on the GPT4 model provided by OpenAI), Milo aims to provide parents with a force field and a friend that can take care of all the details to keep families running. Although it is early in development, the tool is available at an affordable monthly subscription and can be connected to various devices and platforms that parents already use.

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Featured on April 21, 2021



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