Customer support services through a chatbot platform.

Meya is a chatbot platform that allows users to build and launch customer support services using BFML and Python programming languages. The platform comes with an advanced mobile and web chat user interface and allows users to create custom flows and components. One of Meya’s notable features is the in-browser developer console that provides CLI access, allowing users to build exactly what they need with their own code and integrations. The platform also supports integrations with various messaging platforms, customer support providers, natural language understanding tools, and user analytics. Meya’s platform is scalable and customizable, allowing users to connect any system, script any flow and code any component. The platform uses BFML which is a human-friendly YAML syntax, and Python 3 with async I/O which allows users to install any Python packages and extend SDK element classes. The platform also features complete system reference documentation, intro to flows and components, and chat UI customizations. Meya offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card required and provides 24/7 support, with collaborative solutioning, pair-programming sessions, and proactive monitoring and incident escalation. Meya’s platform is event-oriented, allowing users to react to any event with custom code, through its third-generation architecture. The platform provides a customizable DevOps workflow, enables GitHub actions of deploys, and supports continuous improvement.

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Featured on January 12, 2021



Create, deploy and monitor ML models on a platform.