Automated interview note-taking.

Metaview is an AI-powered tool designed for recruiters and interviewers to automate note-taking during interviews. It generates accurate and concise summaries of conversations and answers given by candidates, allowing recruiters to focus more on the core aspects of the interaction. The platform syncs seamlessly with existing tools such as GoodTime and Calendly, and video conferencing platforms, which eliminates the need for additional software. This tool is purpose-built for recruiting and aligns specifically with the nuances of an interview. Metaview is customizable, allowing users to design their own templates so that the notes can be in the exact structure they require. The platform is built to comply with data privacy regulations with granular access controls for data retention and security, including GDPR and CCPA, which ensures that candidate’s data is secure. The tool is AI-based and continuously learns from user feedback and data inputs to improve its note-taking abilities, making it more tailored and accurate to individual interviewers. Overall, Metaview is a time-saving, efficient tool that enhances the interview process by providing comprehensive notes for recruiters and interviewers.

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Featured on February 27, 2023



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