Generate likey human videos in impossible formats. is a tool for deep learning and AI content generation that enables creators to produce photorealistic synthetic humans in impossible video formats. With a focus on AI-assisted content creation, it allows for editing facial expressions, features and entire faces easily, without further shooting. Metaphysic’s software can create hyper-realistic synthetic performances of celebrities and actors, without them ever being on set. It can also reconstruct low-resolution footage and bring new life to old favorite content. Metaphysic is cost-effective compared to shooting in-person or using unrealistic computer graphics. The tool creates realistic and natural representations of faces, without looking cartoonish or uncanny. Metaphysic’s AI tools have been used in creating content for companies like Gillette (P&G) and the Belgian Football Association. Their software has generated millions of engagements from different campaigns.The tool is co-founded by world-leading artificial intelligence artist, Chris Ume, who’s also at the forefront of innovation in synthetic media and AI-assisted content creation. provides a platform for seamless AI-generated content creation and is available for anyone looking to create unique and hyper-realistic content using photorealistic synthetic humans.

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Featured on May 31, 2022



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