Automated summarization and show notes for podcasts.

Melville is an AI-powered podcast copywriting tool designed to save time and money for podcast producers. It automates the process of creating episode summaries, click-worthy episode titles, SEO keywords, and time-stamped key points in the form of show notes. It is currently in open Beta Release and is used by top 100 podcasts. The pricing structure is straightforward and transparent, with users being charged based on the length of their podcast episode. The cost of the service is further optimized by using the automation process without a VA. The output generated by Melville requires minimal editing and users are provided with a transcript in addition to the show note summary, key points, and keywords. There are no limits on the amount of podcasts that can be added to an account and files can be uploaded in MP3 format.

Ai Promptly

Featured on December 17, 2022



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