Collaboration for productive meetings.

Shepherd is a collaboration tool that helps companies conduct more productive meetings. It integrates with Google Calendar and video-conferencing tools, providing a sidebar that allows users to access meeting notes and agendas, take notes, and assign tasks in real-time during a meeting. Users can also share their notes and outcomes with team members using various integrations with other apps such as Slack, Trello, and Notion. Shepherd can be used on-the-go, even in full-screen mode, and has keyboard shortcuts and fancy command shortcuts to speed up workflow. Shepherd provides a host of features, including GCal integration, Instant Notetaking, Sidebar Chrome Extension, Full Screen Mode, Assign Tasks, Share Notes Instantly, Agenda Templates Library, Related Notes, Scratchpad for Quick Notes, Commands, Keyboard Shortcuts, Updates Hub, and App Integrations. The tool is free for individuals and teams, with the option to upgrade for advanced features such as unlimited search history. Shepherd has impressed customers such as Jan Grønbech, former CEO of Google Norway, and Cecilie Esplin Johnson, CEO of Bino, who says the tool has replaced their use of Notion for taking notes. Shepherd is described as a superpower or sidekick for meetings, as its various functions help users create structure and accountability, collaborate with their team in real-time, and ultimately improve the productivity of meetings.

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Featured on April 6, 2021



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