Structured data processed for software development.

Marvin is an open-source library designed for building AI-powered software. It introduces a new concept – AI functions that generate outputs on-demand through AI, without relying on source code. These functions work with native data types and can be integrated seamlessly into any codebase, thus eliminating the need for complex code for tasks like extracting entities from web pages or categorizing items in a database. Marvin also features more flexible bots, which are highly capable AI assistants that can be given specific instructions, personalities, or roles. Additionally, developers can use Marvin to add AI capabilities wherever they are most impactful, without needing to start from scratch.Marvin is an opinionated, high-level library with the primary goal of integrating AI tools into software development. It is ideal for those who want to process structured data without needing traditional source code, integrate an AI assistant into their code, or deploy cutting-edge AI technology with confidence. Marvin’s prompts have been tested and hardened for months of real-world use, and its code is available on GitHub under an Apache 2.0 license. However, Marvin does not provide full control of an AI, nor does it help developers to write source code. In summary, Marvin is a powerful tool for building AI-powered applications that do not rely on traditional source code. Marvin’s AI functions and bots make it easy to integrate AI capabilities into any codebase, without requiring extensive AI knowledge. Its convenience, flexibility, and ease of use are ideal for software developers looking to leverage AI’s advantages in their work.

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Featured on March 23, 2023



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