Maps GPT

Generator of personalized maps with editable pins.

MapsGPTPowered by OpenAI and Proxi, MapsGPT is a custom mapping tool that allows users to quickly and easily create maps with custom pins in seconds. All users have to do is enter in the type of location they are looking for, such as flea markets or spots for walking their cat, and the tool will generate a map with custom pins. The map features an editable copy, making it easy to add additional points or make edits as needed. Users can also share their maps via Twitter, Facebook, email, or even just by copying the link. MapsGPT is powered by Proxi and can access aggregated data, though users should contact locations to verify the details. Proxi also allows users to revisit the maps they’ve already made, making it easy to find the perfect spot for any occasion.

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Featured on January 3, 2023



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