A search engine for movie and TV show recommendations.

Maimovie is an AI-powered movie and TV show search engine that provides personalized recommendations for over 878,556 titles worldwide. The tool employs live-updated AI curation, allowing users to search for content based on specific moods or contexts, thus helping them broaden their streaming experience. Maimovie offers an infinite number of personal recommendations based on user preferences, which are not limited to category-based rankings. The tool provides access to all the information needed, from movie plot to available streaming services, ratings, cast, crew, and even similar movies. Additionally, Maimovie’s AI Keytalk feature allows users to check movie and TV show rankings that are trending right now and explore movie trends on popular streaming services, making it easy to find popular films that match their movie taste. Users can access the tool through the app, which is available on both Google Play and the App Store. Overall, Maimovie is a valuable tool for anyone looking to optimize their movie search and discovery process, offering detailed and semantic recommendations for millions of titles worldwide.

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Featured on March 3, 2023



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