Meeting scheduling and coordination automation.

Magical is an AI-powered tool that turns calendar invitations into a collaborative workspace for scheduling, coordinating, and automating meetings. The platform is designed to help busy professionals manage their meetings, agendas, and notes directly from their browser tabs. It is integrated with popular conferencing tools like Zoom and Google Meet and can easily sync with Notion and other applications. Magical uses its advanced AI technology to scan the calendar, suggest meeting times, generate bullet-pointed agendas, automated summaries, and meeting follow-ups, resulting in a personalized, efficient, and effortless meeting experience for both the organizer and invitee. The tool offers an all-in-one meeting hub where users can manage their meetings through browser tabs. It enables users to capture and sync meeting notes directly into Notion, control their availability with scheduling templates, and automatically join meetings on Zoom and Google Meet. Users can also share their personalized scheduling link, customize their meeting preferences, access through key commands and with all browsers.Magical offers a free version with limited credits and paid plans with unlimited AI notetaker, agenda, and time suggest features. The platform also provides recipients with a flexible duration and prioritizing availability options without having to create an account. Ultimately, Magical offers an integrated and simplified solution that allows professionals to take back control of their time and schedule smarter and faster.

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Featured on November 29, 2022



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