Multilingual voiceover solution.

LOVO AI Text to Speech is a cutting-edge technology that enables users to produce high-quality voiceovers with natural, professional voices in 100 languages. This AI-powered solution eliminates the need for expensive voice talent, as it can generate realistic voices in a fraction of the time and cost. It features a library of 400+ voices with various styles, granular voice control, sound effects and music, and emotional voices capable of expressing up to 25+ emotions. With LOVO, users can create explainer videos, podcasts, social media content, and e-learning materials with ease. It also comes with an intuitive, yet full-featured UI that makes it easy for users to access all of its features. LOVO is trusted by 300,000+ professionals and producers, and is the go-to AI voiceover and text to speech platform for thousands of creators.

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Featured on April 23, 2020



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