Simulating chatbot conversations.

LoopGPT is an AI tool that creates a simulated conversation between two AI chatbots, John and Jane, using OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 Turbo model. Users can add their own context for the conversation and then send the first message to kick off the dialogue. It is important to note that the context and initial message play a major role in the conversation’s progression. Users must also set a timer for the simulation, and a page reload or “Stop Button” can act as a killswitch if the conversation gets stuck in an endless loop. The tool requires users to add their Own Open AI API key to interact with OpenAI endpoints, and the API key is stored locally on the user’s browser for added security. However, users should still be cautious as the AI responses can be slow due to intentional delays to avoid throttling the API rate limits, which can eat up OpenAI credits if not monitored. Overall, LoopGPT provides a unique and interactive way to experiment with AI chatbots and test their capabilities in simulated conversation scenarios, with the ability to customize the context and closely monitor the API usage.

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Featured on April 1, 2023



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