Literally Anything

Generate digital products from natural language inputs.

Literally Anything is an AI creation tool developed by Big Human that enables users to design and build any type of digital service, application, game, or widget within their web browser using text-based inputs. The tool does not require any coding skill or technical knowledge to use and is free of charge. With Literally Anything, users can input any idea or concept in natural language and the tool automatically generates the corresponding digital product.The tool incorporates Artificial Intelligence, specifically Natural Language Understanding (NLU), to convert user text inputs into executable instructions. Users can specify the desired functionality, layout, and other features using plain text, and Literally Anything will interpret it and produce a functional prototype as an output. Users can visualize their design and progress with a built-in preview feature that shows them how their creation will look as they develop it.Literally Anything can be used for various purposes, from developing a simple game to designing sophisticated applications or digital services. It is suitable for developers, businesses, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to create a digital product without coding. Additionally, Literally Anything is part of the Big Human AI Project and has an interactive gallery where users can access various projects that have already been created using the tool.

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Featured on March 24, 2023



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