Contract management solution for legal teams.

LinkSquares is an AI-powered contract management tool designed for legal teams to draft, review, and execute agreements efficiently. The software has customizable templates and dynamic workflows that allow teams to create, review and approve agreements much faster. With real-time visibility, the tool also helps execute contracts in seconds. LinkSquares also Extracts data, reduces risk, boosts revenue, and provides AI-powered insights into every contract. The software encompasses features that range from pre-signature and post-signature contracting to tracking critical reports and metrics. The tool provides centralized access to pre and post-signature contracts and data in a single place, with collaboration tools to ensure smooth Operations. In addition, the AI-powered contract management tool comes with built-in scalable workflows for assigning tasks and draft better contracts with automated reviews. LinkSquares has proved to be beneficial to some of the largest companies, as it provides real knowledge about legal documents and tackles pre-signature, and post-signature contracting nitty-gritty. Overall, LinkSquares is an end-to-end CLM powered by AI, highly suitable for teams looking to enhance their contract management processes.

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Featured on October 5, 2019



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