Windows predictive typing with context-based spelling.

Lightkey is a predictive typing software powered by AI and deep learning algorithms, designed to improve the speed and accuracy of typing in any Windows desktop application. It supports over 85 languages and provides inline text prediction, contextual spelling correction, and multi-word prediction. Lightkey also offers a range of features, including predictive text in Microsoft Word, Office, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and any other application, as well as sound assistance, AI-powered prediction and predictive text for any content. Lightkey is trusted in over 170 countries and is suitable for professional typists, people with disabilities, and those who require DSA. It is also used for composing emails, collaborations, social media chats and more. Lightkey is available in a free edition and a Pro edition, which includes unlimited predictions and advanced features.

Ai Promptly

Featured on January 29, 2021



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