Generated and enriched B2B sales emails.

LeadIQ is an AI-powered email generator designed to help B2B sales teams improve their outreach efforts and book more sales meetings. It simplifies the process of composing personalized emails, by providing users with a suite of tools that enable them to quickly identify, capture and sync contact data to their CRM and sales tools. It also helps track when to reach out to prospects or accounts based on key signals, and generate complete, personalized messages for any prospect within seconds. LeadIQ also provides an AI-driven platform that refreshes Salesforce data over time with automatic enrichment, creating a “smarter” B2B contact database. By using LeadIQ, users can stand out in the sea of generic, templated emails with personal prospecting that scales, eliminating writer’s block and allowing sales teams to prospect smarter and build pipeline faster. LeadIQ has been praised by customers for its intuitive UI, simplicity and effective tools, and is estimated to save sales teams more than 600 hours per quarter.

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Featured on November 19, 2022



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