Omnichannel knowledge boosts customer engagement.

Knowmax is an omnichannel knowledge management (KM) platform that provides AI-powered capabilities to improve customer engagement and communication. The platform offers several solutions such as decision trees, visual device guides, learning management, and a knowledge base software that simplifies complex business operations and enhances self-service opportunities for customers. The platform’s AI capabilities enable faster and personalized support, streamlining agent workflows, and improving user experience. Knowmax’s platform is designed to create a single source of truth for enterprise-wide knowledge by eliminating siloed information and providing relevant data across touchpoints instantly. The platform uses a Google-like search engine, cognitive decision trees, and visual guides to simplify troubleshooting processes, automate response handling and streamline service. Knowmax’s knowledge management solutions have been implemented across several industries, such as e-commerce, telecom, healthcare, and banking, to enable personalized solutions at scale. The platform provides several resources such as implementation guides, case studies, ebooks, and whitepapers for businesses to learn more about knowledge management and its benefits. Knowmax aims to empower organizations to manage knowledge effectively, create a seamless customer experience, and enhance employee knowledge and expertise, efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Featured on October 25, 2020



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